Draft Projects vol2 - Essence of Ping

by J.K.Chris (Explorers)

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Here you will find some goodies from Explorers' Labs. Free audio downloads made with HSE BEE series (standalone/VST), our properitary software dedicated to brain entrainment soundtracks production. BEE is a shortcut for Brain Entrainment Entertainment.


Where to find Bee?

Visit here:

...and read these tech specs,
according to which Bee was made:

...and see BeeOne in action:


Draft Projects - never finished, but complete enough, to save them from digital dust of forgetting. Concepts. Planned as introductions or extensions to a series, but not quite fitting the ideas. From the point of view of evoked CME's (Coherent Multisensory Experiences) - significant enough to keep them and remember. This is a sketchbook of a soundworker on his journey, on the quest for aesthetics, beauty and functionality, which through the ear and vibration - reaches the heart - the eye of human soul (headphones or good 2.0 speakers are recommended, setup your comfortable volume); more info (use google translator if needed): planetaziemia.net/wave2.htm

UNIVERSAL CAUTION NOTE: While various types of vibrations, pulsations and holoacoustic effects occurring in the recording are due to natural sound structures used in the music production process, we suggest that you take the same safety principles like in case of recordings with binaural beats or any other psychoactive music. Generally speaking these indications say about caution and consultation with your doctor in case of epilepsy, pregnancy, mental disorders or other health related doubts. Don't drive while listening, and don't operate any machines. These materials as a sound recordings, although they may be used as a therapeutic tool, they themselves - are an artistic expression and so they should be considered. The author does not take the responsibility for any consequences coming out from use of these materials. Also, remember, that although such recordings can be used as a great addition to support and/or supplement the treatment, healing and recovery - keep in mind, that such recordings will not substitute proper medical diagnose nor care, and they should be not used as a replacement in this area.


released April 2, 2013


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



J.K.Chris - Explorers Poland

Over the years - we have developed several product lines to support your inner living experiences. But we are not like the others, we are real pioneers. You can find more about our work on our website (google translator will help). You can also listen to our Radio Explorers here planetaziemia.net/radio-eng.htm - welcome to the threshold of a Wave of Change. Your change! ... more

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