Final Frontier Series - Wave 1: Borderlines (non​-​verbal version)

by J.K.Chris (Explorers)

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If you are a fan of audio works of Robert Monroe, then you are going to really love this one. "Final Frontier" brings a fresh air into brain entrainment technologies, providing high quality soundscapes; based on our Nabra-Sync textures and equipped with our most recent specification created for brain/mind/body related productions (called "Phasing & MTT") - "Final Frontier" is a great tool for advanced consciousness explorations and pretty nice sonic environment if you like to relax and regenerate with such ones.

Wave 1 is about Borderlines. One is seeking for an OBE, another one is leaving physical world... But there are also other borderlines. Some people just seek for a concept for a new life, new job, letting go of "old" and moving into the "new". So the meaning of borderlines is very wide. Allowing your self to find a borderline of interest, approaching that borderline and observing it and what is behind, crossing the borderline, and moving beyond - four simple steps of your success in doing and becoming more than you imagine, being and doing in a new way. This particular version of FF Wave 1 is nonverbal, which means - you get only the sounds, and the rest is yours. You can use your own relaxing techniques, your own affirmations. You can use this as a template* for example:

"I am a part of the Primary Source, an expression of serene Conscious Presence, that gives the Unconditional Love to every living thing. I am a Pure Light, that exceeds beyond any form and imagination, Light that penetrates and surrounds me on every level, giving me the strength, guidance and protection. I desire that the Impeccable Intent of this Greater Consciousness fills me with wisdom, courage, action and effectiveness, leading to such insights and circumstances, that are beneficial and friendly to me, and which will help me in reaching better integrity. I leave in the arms of Greater Design everything, that I release from my awareness, allowing right solutions to appear in new options and supportive assistance. I am opening myself to know, to experience, to contact, to understand and to assimilate such energy patterns which will make my existence richer, easier and more serene."

Final Frontier - where no one has gone before!
or just
experience binaural beats and More Than That!

So - have fun and enjoy - this/your journey (headphones recommended, setup your comfortable low volume); more info (use google translator if needed):

UNIVERSAL CAUTION NOTE: While various types of vibrations, pulsations and holoacoustic effects occurring in the recording are due to natural sound structures used in the music production process, we suggest that you take the same safety principles like in case of recordings with binaural beats or any other psychoactive music. Generally speaking these indications say about caution and consultation with your doctor in case of epilepsy, pregnancy, mental disorders or other health related doubts. Don't drive while listening, and don't operate any machines. These materials as a sound recordings, although they may be used as a therapeutic tool, they themselves - are an artistic expression and so they should be considered. The author does not take the responsibility for any consequences coming out from use of these materials. Also, remember, that although such recordings can be used as a great addition to support and/or supplement the treatment, healing and recovery - keep in mind, that such recordings will not substitute proper medical diagnose nor care, and they should be not used as a replacement in this area.

* (affirmation copyrighted on Creative Commons Licence: CC-BY-NC; for attribution use this: <J.K.Chris, - developed for "Final Frontier" program>)


released December 8, 2011


all rights reserved



J.K.Chris - Explorers Poland

Over the years - we have developed several product lines to support your inner living experiences. But we are not like the others, we are real pioneers. You can find more about our work on our website (google translator will help). You can also listen to our Radio Explorers here - welcome to the threshold of a Wave of Change. Your change! ... more

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