Heart Sessions (beta testing area)

by J.K.Chris (Explorers)



"Heart Sessions" is an experimental work for beta testers, who are eager to play with intriguing new stuff. We decided to release it "as is", because we are curious about feedback we can get from folks outside our beta testing group. What you get, is a set of tracks, that are utilizing simulated rhythms of human heartbeat. But things are not that simple. ;-) We carefully designed this series, selecting one particular setting. Now it's your turn to tell us, what you think we did...

We decided to simulate rhythms of the heart instead of using recorded ECG, because heartbeat, like many other sounds like that - is capable of carrying two kind of information: "container" (filled with spatial cues and moods, so to speak) and "watermark" (which is a sort of personal message). While Personal Message is something, that you may receive from another entity, Container is something, that will give you specific "cues" where and how to shift your awareness. The thing is - it will not ask you whether you are prepared or not, it will just do it's job. Thus - if you have unprocessed issues from your past - you may get significant body responses. On the other hand, if you know what you deal with - it may provide you with some extraordinary experiences. Also - if you know how work with the heartspace - you will know what kind of constructive feedback we expect, in order to develop this concept more.

Good luck, and - have fun!


released August 11, 2013



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